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September 2, 2016
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September 26, 2016
PowerAddon Bounce Statistics in 2016

PowerAddon Bounce Statistics in 2016

Every good Email Marketing Specialist knows which are the ingredients for a successfull campaign: segmentation, targeting, customer engangement, and so on. These aspects are all under his own control, and he is aware that he has to find the best mix to reach the best campaign results’.
However every good Email Marketing Specialist has also a nightmare: that something is not under his control, and that this could affect the outcome of the campaign, as “Open Rate” and “Click rate”. For instance, a dark enemy that sometimes seems to be ungovernable is the failure to deliver a message, also known as Bounce. The ratio between the bounces and the total number of emails sent in a specific campaign is the famigerate “Bounce rate”.

We can distinguish two different types of bounce: hard bounce and soft bounce.

A Hard bounce indicates a permanent reason an email cannot be delivered. Typical reasons to get hard bounce are inexistent recipient email address or wrong domain name.

Soft bounces tipically indicate a temporary delivery issue to an address. Some common reasons this could happen are full mailbox, recipient email server down or offline, email message is too large, etc.

In the bar chart below are represented the answers received by PowerAddon in 2016 from the Mail Servers from all over the world, distinguished in Hard/Soft and categorized by type:

PowerAddon Bounce Statistics in 2016

So, how to manage these failures and reduce your Bounce rate? The PowerAddon suite provides different ways to analyze the bounce your EM campaign received and to prevent it from occurring again. Indeed, it is possible to analyze bounces at a Campaign level by reading PowerClick reports’: clicking on the various visualizations available (as the one represented below) it is possible to drill-through and export, and eventually correct, the list of recipients bounced.

PowerClick Bounces Reports

Furthermore, PowerClick brings all the information about bounces inside CRM, letting the Marketing Specialists to analyze bounce at a Recipient level: for each single Contact, Account or Leads a “Bounce Associated View” lets you to deepen the bounce analysis.

CRM Dynamics Bounce Customization

These and many other PowerAddon functionalities, lets you to mantain a good list “hygiene”, permitting you to achieve higher delivery rate and, consequently, a good sender reputation, as well as to obtain a better conversion rate with your campaigns.

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