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December 4, 2015
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March 2, 2016
PowerAddon SSRS Mobile

Until 2016 Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services represented a good and solid but almost obsolete Business Intelligence tool. With the 2016 release Microsoft reinvented the rules of the game finally providing full support for both on-premise and mobile reports. The acquisition of Datazen in 2015 brought the colossus of Redmond to develop SQL Server Mobile Report Publisher that allows users to design totally new look reports with a easy drag-and-drop technique. The Datazen Engine provides also better performance than the traditional SSRS.

The image below on the right shows what we developed in few minutes, just as a “demo” for this post.


SSRS 2016 Mobile DevicesSSRS Mobile PowerAddon Dashboard Demo


Microsoft modernized also the traditional Reporting Services “Desktop” version, in order to make it the central repository for on-premises development (versus using Power BI in the cloud).
HTML engine was completely rewritten to HTML5, to support every modern browser on every device and two new chart types are added (treemap and sunburst), while other changes are planned to modernize the default look of report visuals.

But that’s not all, folks: Microsoft roadmap is ambitious and, in the coming months, will give even more powerful tools in the hands of BI specialists.


Emanuele Profilo
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