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Open Rate and Click Rate are two fundamental measures to evaluate the success of your Email Marketing Campaign. Anyway, these Ratios are frequently misunderstood due to superficial analyses.

Marketing specialists, indeed, often restrict their focus on the Rates of stand-alone Campaigns, loosing the whole spectrum. For example, if you achieve a 10% Open Rate in 4 different Campaigns, it doesn’t obviously mean that you had an overall 10% Open Rate, but it’s likely you reached a 20%-25% of your entire population of recipients.

Overall Open Rate Representation

The “open secrets” for good analyses, so, are to consider the Open/Click Rate Over Time and to adopt a  “Unique User approach” instead of a “Unique Campaign approach”, which risks, conversely, to lead you to bad decisions.

This approach is intended to track the engagement over time of your audience, detect the segments most interested in your business and develop focused campaign to improve your conversion rates. The PowerClickRecency Frequency Analysis” allows you to do exactly this, stratifying your population for Number of clicks over time and Days since last click, as represented in the chart below:

Recency Frequency Analysis

Each box of the “Recency Frequency Analysis” graph above is enabled to drill through, in order to let you visualize and download the related subgroup of recipients: clicking on green boxes, for instance, it is possible to achieve the recipients that clicked two or more links on your Campaigns in the last two months: you can now decide to create a custom Campaign for these contacts, that are more likely interested in your services.

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