Where do webmail users open email? A Statistics analysis on device, OS and domain used

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March 2, 2016
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September 2, 2016
PowerAddon - Email Sending Statistics

In recent years, the spread of mobile devices in every single aspect of our lives is proceeding with an extraordinary speed.

Similarly, we expect Marketing Campaigns to be increasingly read with these devices, at the expense of desktop computers.
Analyzing the devices used by recipients to open over 5 billions of emails sent last year by our PowerAddon SMTP Server, we discovered that mobile have substantially hit desktop: considering both Smartphone (39%) and Tablet (10%), we find 49% of mobile readers, against 50% of “traditionally” desktop readers. However, it is clear to all that the overtaking is imminent.
 PowerAddon - Email Sending Statistics
The report above, that we developed with Microsoft Power BI, shows also the results of our analysis regarding domains and Operating Systems used by the recipients we reached.
Gmail leads the domain ranking with 30% of total opens, leaving far behind other giants such as Hotmail and Yahoo, while the most used Operating System is Apple iOS (42%), followed by Windows (36%).
To guarantee the success of your campaigns, it is very important to know which are the most used platforms, in order to create communications more effective as possible. However, a good campaign has to be tailored to your audience: for this reason and many Others PowerClick responds exactly to your needs: the great results in KPIs as Open Rate, Click-to-open Rate and Subscribers’ Retention rate, that you can see in the report above, are proof.
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